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Post by Admin on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:51 pm

IF you have noticed there is a new side bar link that says
Donate. If your wondering what't that's all about. Well let me explain it for you.

The idea of the donate button was for those that are memembers of the forum
can donate as much as they wish to this site....

What's in it for all of us???? Well the money that is donated will help create this
forum to grow as much as it can with everyone coming together as one.
And as a bonus to that I would like for those whom come abord this forum
and post there idea's and such, or what ever they can bring to the table,
that we could use the donate to book a day at a golf course, clubs, dinning,
and many other events. This would give those that post a chance to meet
with other members and share what ever it may be.

So becoming a member and donateing has is it advantages and that is:
Brining People Together As One!!!!!!

Just Social

PS When you click donate it will bring you to a pay pal area and I am sure
you will notice it will say Computer Repair Specialist, this is my pay pal account
business and the easiest way to add donate to this forum with out creating a new
account, but you should also notice that the label is for Just Social....

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